Ideas of Fairytale Wedding Disney Maleficent

Fairy Tale Wedding Ideas

2021 has been a stormy year for the wedding industry. We talked to some wedding planners and learned that fairy-tale weddings are in demand if not every week, then every month. Bow of flowers, candles everywhere, colorful pastel, prom dress….etc. what should have been the special event in a couple’s life has almost become a model now, given options A, B & C. How can we make fairy tale wedding ideas a truly personal experience again from now on?

First of all, if you dreamed of a fairy-tale wedding, you need to know what fantasizes you the most. Growing up, we read and heard countless fairy tales. So, was it Snow White’s striking diamond ring carved with incredible floral details? Was it that first romantic dance between Prince Philip and Aurora from Sleeping Beauty? Or could it just be the idea of being part of a romantic story, being so special in someone else’s eyes and living happily ever after? For our bridal model Julia, it should be a woodland fairy. In this photo striking inspired by Disney maleficent, we therefore made her several floral clothes to match her beautiful outfits and her tiara adorned with jewels.

Floral Headdress + Wand

A floral headdress of dried and reused flowers (ecological!), and believe it or not, plant too! With this matching unique floral stem, delicate flowers that seem to come out of the magic wand, breathtaking, isn’t it? “mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the most beautiful in the whole country?”

Floral Shoulder Piece

From Inspiration to reality, the extraordinary shoulder piece made the day! This shoulder piece is also composed of dried and reused floral motifs and is finished with a silk fabric and padding for comfort. Incorporating flowers into your clothes is such a subtle way to create a Wow factor. We’ve seen floral bow ties, necklaces and now this floral shoulder piece, what’s next?

Bridal bouquet

Whether dried or fresh flowers, the proportions are all that make a good aesthetic. Although we understand that bridal bouquets are what matter most to brides in wedding flowers, and often you want to make them a statement piece. However, making a statement does not necessarily mean being overpowering. That’s why it’s so important that your florist knows your size, because we’re all here for you! Experienced florists will not be afraid to ask for your sizes, your wedding dress and all the necessary information to support your design process, but if your florist is too shy to ask for some reason, offer to send them your photo and your sizes, preferably with your wedding dress too!

Wedding trends

Trends don’t mean anything if they don’t represent you. Everyone will feel lost at some point in their wedding planning, remember to always do it on you and your partner – to show off your quirks and Flair. Getting married with the right person can already be a dream come true for most, but it doesn’t have to be the only one, taking this opportunity to also fulfill a childhood fantasy. Just be creative and authentic, the key is to communicate with your wedding vendors!

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