See Modern Tropical Wedding Inspiration

Modern tropical wedding inspiration

When Enrique From Have Some Cake offered us an idea for a new cake design, we immediately splashed out with ideas. The bright pink avant-garde three-tiered design immediately gave us a tropical vibe and this, along with the desire that many of us had at the time to be able to jump on a plane to a heat place, gave us the concept of our modern tropical wedding inspiration and photo striking.



As we were lucky enough to live in Birmingham, UK, we only knew the place-Birmingham Botanical Gardens. We were spoiled for choice with the number of breathtaking rooms to choose from, but we ended up opting for the iconic white aviary, the recently renovated bandstand and the Mediterranean and Cactus houses.

Real life couple

We were delighted to have the most awesome real pair for this striking – Heidi looked absolutely stunning in the Savin London dress from Wedding Belles of Four Oaks, beautifully adorned with Accessories by Sarah Patel. Jordan’s fitted suit and black tie were provided by Clements and Church.

Tropical Flowers

The whole team was nourished by their positive energy throughout the filming.Knowing Nicky from Paradise Blooms, we were convinced that she was the perfect florist to create the tropical atmosphere we were looking for with banana and monster leaves, proteus, Anthurium and rooster’s crest, to name just a few.

Tropical Wedding Atmosphere

Together with the awesome Junie Poonie-stationery and stylist for the striking-they brought the Vision we had been working so hard on to life… perfect for couples who want a tropical wedding in the heart of England!

Art photography


The final images

of Veronika J Fine Art Photography worked so well, not only because of Heidi and Jordan’s sincere love for each other, but also because it was a pleasure for them to be a part of it after the year they both had.

Front line

Heidi and Jordan are paramedics and have been on the front lines throughout the redsent time. After 12 months of body and mental exhaustion, they were so excited to be able to get out of their uniforms, be pampered and feel special for the day.

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