Some Ways of Make Absolutely Wonderful Wedding Trends

After almost two years of uncertainty, weddings are back and here to stay! The novelty of reuniting with friends and loved ones has given rise to a whole series of trends for wedding ceremonies and receptions. We have compiled a guide to some of our favorite wedding trends for 2022 so that you can make your wedding the wedding of the Season.

The new year has arrived and with it comes a whole new wave of wedding trends. With lockdowns and social restrictions behind us, excitement, anticipation, and of course, love is in the air. That’s right, weddings are back and this will be the biggest wedding season yet! Engaged couples can finally enjoy the wedding planning experience and look forward to celebrating their special day the way they want, when they want. And with hundreds of thousands of weddings postponed for this year, it is more important than ever to make your big day an unforgettable experience.

We’ve kept a close eye on the ever-changing wedding scene to provide you with our predictions for the hottest trends of 2022. There are some new styles on the horizon, as well as a few favorites that are here to stay. And we are happy to share our inside information with you! From earth tones to Bridgerton sapphire and more, discover the latest wedding themes and how to incorporate them into your stationery and decoration.

Green weddings inspired by nature

As a nation, we have spent more time outdoors than ever before during the recent time. This has had an undeniable impact on our appreciation of nature in post-lockdown life. This renewed love for the landscape has also crept into wedding trends, with couples more interested than ever in bringing nature inside.

With an emphasis on sustainability, Fianc├ęs favors green colors with just a touch of pastels that previously dominated the scene. The white or natural tablecloths and paths are decorated with pine cones, acorns, Conkers and many foliage. The lush greenery of ivy and local vegetation is complemented by the heat, earthy hues of terracotta, honey, rust, coffee and caramel. Some couples even started pyrography (wood carving) during isolation and decided to create their own artistic table gifts from wood slices!

Pair your simple and shiny tableware with matte or textured stationery for a perfect aesthetic for outdoors and indoors. A touch of sparkle is absorbed by your soft ambient lighting to elevate the room. So think of the golden edges of your dishes or the aluminum ornaments of your stationery. To create Harmony on your dining tables for the reception, you can decorate your grilled drinks and your table drinks with our “delicate Greenery” wedding drink labels, or maybe create pretty napkin packages that revolve around these “Sweet Melody” wedding menus. For more inspiration to design fresh and airy wedding papers, check out our collection of botanical wedding invitations.

Classic and timeless: the eternal wedding fashion

Some wedding styles simply never get old, and this is certainly true for this next beloved trend. Ideal for all seasons, including winter, the classic wedding theme features bright and deep colors such as pine green and midnight sapphire. The popularity of Bridgerton and the Regency period has meant that the Regency sapphire shade has become extremely fashionable, and we love to see it sneak into timeless wedding tablescapes again. British pottery and delicate Delft tableware are accompanied by sapphire linen and copper details to create an inviting but sophisticated wedding atmosphere. Complete the Look with contrasting ambient lighting to highlight the stunning features of your wedding venue and your Decorations.

As for flowers, minimalist branches with delicate petals will never go out of style. Gypsophila, lavender, Astrantia, Eryngium thistle and nigella (aka Love in the Fog) are just a few of our favorites that you will find in our stationery store. Our “pleasant willows” wedding invitations, for example, feature modest wildflower wreaths for an easy home feel.

Reading has become a very popular pastime during the long months of isolation, and we are seeing more and more literary influences in the wedding decoration of couples. Our “Your Day, Your Way” wedding invitations capture this beautifully, with customizable clip art images to help you create your own love story and a removable bookmark that your wedding guests can enjoy. In addition to graphics, discreet stationery with calligraphy, as seen in our “Ever Thine, Ever Mine” Save the Dates, has become a characteristic style of classic weddings. The name of this collection was inspired by Beethoven’s famous love letter, and there is nothing more classic.

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